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Training A Puppy To Respond To Its Name

Training your new puppy to respond to your name is one of the things that you should follow and train a dog before proceeding. You want the puppy to look at you and pay attention when he hears her name. The name should not mean "come here" or anything else - it should only be used to get the puppy's attention and see you, ideally the first time you say it.

So we do that . Begin by saying that it is a puppy name according to your name. Then mark the behavior with the word "yes" and offer a reward. (Using marked words such as "yes" can predict a puppy that will be treated. However, whenever you say "yes" to a puppy, you must receive a reward.) Do this a few times And make sure the puppy. Looks in your eyes but not in your hands or feet.

The next step in training your puppy to react to its name is to look in the opposite direction of the puppy. Say the name, and as soon as your puppy goes to you, mark this behavior with a "yes" and reward the puppy (you can go to the puppy or ask the puppy to come to you, someone from this Does not matter). The most important thing is to have the right time with your "yes", at the same time the action of the puppy that you will see. Treatment will continue for the next one or two seconds.

If the puppy does not respond the first time, use a different sound like a whistle or a click sound with your tongue, or clap toward the puppy. Whatever you do, they do not repeat the puppy's name. What happens is that you start repeating the name and your puppy is actually training to ignore you, and this will take more and more time to attract attention. If you train your puppy you will draw attention to it when you first call, he will wake up quickly.

The reason we train the puppy names in the first call is that if you find yourself in an emergency situation, tell them that your dog is outside and he or she will go through a busy path if you have not taught your dog. It may be too late after answering the first name call, he walks on the road and collides with the car. And you can call the puppy back (if you have your own) (the dog comes on order).

It is important to train your puppy name recognition and pay attention to it immediately when it is in the home, yard, or other environment. Better you can practice in different areas with different interruptions. It teaches the puppy what is going on around him and will be rewarded as soon as you see him / her. When you are at home or in the yard, train your puppy to look and watch from afar. Always mark the action to see you with a "yes" marker, and then you can reward the puppy with a puppy.

For this exercise it is possible to make your training more fun by turning it into a sport. You'll want to play it as a pick-a-boo game. If you can relax and have fun with it, so will your puppy.

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